So many choices can seem overwhelming, but getting involved in new activities could enhance one’s personality and behaviors. Our students get to explore their physical creative, social entrepreneurs in extracurricular activities. We encourage our students to be different and think different.

Participation in extra- curricular activities is a must for all students, for which opportunities are provided. This is to promote physical fitness and talent development. Band, Karate, Dance, Yoga, Meditation are taught at school. Special coaching is arranged for Basket Ball, Badminton and athletics.


Dance is an expression of art. It generally involves in the movement of body with rhythmic music. Dance is a nonverbal communication. The person who creates (i.e., choreographs) a dance is known as the choreographer. Brindisians are gifted to have this art dance for a holistic formation.


Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Music plays an important role in one’s life. Our mind easily becomes absorbed in sound. When the mind is fully concentrating on anything, there can arise a feeling of inner bliss. Even plants are affected by music. High frequency sounds energize the brain. Music activates three different centers of the brain at the same time: language, hearing, and rhythmic motor control.


Karate is a martial art. Karate promotes ethical and spiritual sphere of life. It disciplines one’s physical life. Health is more important than wealth. The most gifts that one can give to himself are good health.

  • By learning Karate one’s life becomes better.
  • Practicing Karate ensures better health and self defense.
  • Knowledge of Karate strengthens ones mental courage.
  • It infuses one with self confidence.
  • It is conducive to the full development of man.


Silambam is a weapon-based Dravidian martial art of Tamils. Though fighting with sticks is universal, it has reached there a summit in techniques intricacy, complexity and efficiency. This art was created by Siddhars for the common people to protect themselves where there is a life- threatening situation.

Mass Drill

It boosts student’s morale, instill confidence and nurture team spirit. Our goal is to provide quality training, performance and safety to become the most innovative leader in the drilling field.

House System

Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power.

Our House system which has been organized to ensure all round growth of the students, is the emblem, epitome and embodiment of love, personality and team spirit.

  • To stimulate a greater effort in sports and academic achievements.
  • To develop a sense of belonging to the school and consequently a good spirit.
  • To train in leadership and a sense of responsibility.

The students have been allocated to four houses, which strive to implant in them a sense of general orderliness with a spirit of freedom. The staff partake of the house activities with zeal.

An over all trophy is given at the end of the academic year to the group that excel in the above activities. An over all trophy is also awarded to the group that excels in Quiz.

St. Francis of AssisiLove of CharityLanguage , Magazines
St. Lawrence of BrindisiBravery & CourageDiet
St. AntonyHonesty & SerenityDiscipline
St. PioConfidence & CreativityUniform & Monitory

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